Howdy All! Welcome to
The Web-home of Jamie & Celia.
"Our ordinary mind always tries to persuade us that we are nothing but acorns and that our
greatest happiness will be to become bigger, fatter, shinier acorns; but that is of interest only
to pigs. Our faith gives us knowledge of something better: that we can become oak trees."
E. F. Schumacher
Charity and Sam in North Carolina
July 07
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Cindy circa 2001(?) at home near Soldotna
Charity Davis - at home in
Concord, CA 2004
Me, Celia, Cindy, & Tango, South
Lake Tahoe, 2004
Celia and cousin Kevin at Kevin's home in
Sparks NV, 2004
Celia at home in Concord, CA.
Tom Davis at home near Soldotna, 2001
Gray Oak Archives
We hardly ever
delete anything - we
just move it
Tom at home near Soldotna, June18, 2005
God (incarnate), a good friend to all of
us, making the ultimate sacrifice, Spring,
0034~, in Judah near Jerusalem.
Your's Truly
Gerry Davis at Palo Duro Canyon State
Park, Texas, May 2005.  Can YOU do
that at 70+ years old????
Celia and I are grandparents!
Devin James - born 11/09/07
Home on the Range - Austin, TX Thanksgiving, 2007 - Celia saw a big buck in those woods in October.
Life can indeed be a beach.   An Oahu November sunset from Kapiolani Beach about 100 yards from our Waikiki Condo.
On the Windward side of Oahu, November 2007
Devin - Christmas 2008